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              ?TECH-POWER (HUANGSHAN) LIMITED Participated In The Egyptian Coatings Show 2019

              2021-05-22     瀏覽次數:1847    

              TECH-POWER (HUANGSHAN) LIMITED participated in the Egyptian Coatings Show 2019 from September 23th?to 24th, 2019. The venue was chosen to be in Cairo, Egypt. The exhibition is organized by DMG Events (MEA) Ltd.,?a well-known British media and exhibition company, and is held every two years. It is currently the leading professional coating exhibition in the Middle East and the Gulf region.


              Exhibition content: coatings and various raw materials, dyes, pigments, adhesives, inks, additives, fillers, polymers, resins, solvents, paraffins, testing instruments, coatings and coating equipment, etc.


              TECH-POWER (HUANGSHAN)?participated in this exhibition, with good results and dozens of potential customers. It successfully entered the Egyptian market and seized the rapid development opportunities in many emerging markets such as West Asia, North Asia and Southeast Europe. The specific information of this exhibition is as follows:


              Exhibition name: Egyptian Coatings Show 2019

              Exhibition time: September 23-24, 2019

              Exhibition location: Cairo, Egypt

              Booth type: standard booth, corner booth;

              Booth No.: D08

              Booth area: 9 square meters