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              TP50 Catalyst (Similar to Estron Estcate 50)

              2021-04-21     瀏覽次數:1790    


              TP50 is specifically developed to facilitate dispersion and avoid hot spots of the catalyst during powder manufacture. The additive is used to accelerate the cure of powder coatings based on the carboxyl-epoxy reaction or for pure epoxy systems as well. Typical systems include hybrids such as polyester-epoxy, carboxyl acrylic-epoxy and polyesters cured by GMA-functional acrylics. Polyester-TGIC and polyester-PT-910 reactions can also be accelerated. TP50 can reduce the cure temperature of a particular system or shorten the required bake time at a given cure temperature without sacrificing DOI or flow and leveling properties. The product may also reduce star cracking on impact.

              Due to the special composition of TP50, it is believed that this product provides some charging characteristics for tribo powder coatings. The reaction response of TP50 is similar to imidazole based products, but slower in rate and less yellowing than 2-methyl imidazole based catalysts.

              Recommended usage level of TP50 is 0.3 – 0.6% on total formula weight. Each application should be tested to determine the optimum catalyst level to achieve the desired cure time and coating properties.

              Technical Parameters


              Tan to Brown Granules

              Active %

              48 - 52

              Specific Gravity (25/25)


              Package & Storage & Handling

              1. in fiberboard box. 25 kg

              2. Store in a dry, cool area and avoid excessive heat.

              3. Shelf life of unopened containers is one year from date of shipment. See SDS for additional information.?